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Oldtimer-Steuergeräte - Peter Hemmersbach-Rausch repariert ihre D-Jetronik

My wife and I had discovered our love for classic cars und so it happened that we fulfilled our heart´s dsire some years ago.
We bought a Mercedes Benz, W109, 300 SEL 3,5, built in 1970.

The wood paneling, the old seats and the seals around the doors and windows give off a very unique smell that immediately strikes you in its spell. The pull-buttons in the dashboard, which really deserves this designation, still give an idea that the only electronic features in this car are to be found in the mono radio and two control units. You won't find ABS, ESP, strap- or light buzzer in this old Mercedes. There are no ads for worn brake pads, for lack of windscreen washer fluid or for a not quite closed door. The windscreen washer fluidr does not flow by pressing a button, it has to be pumped by foot pressure! But: One does not have to replace complex units, just because a single part is defective.
A real mechanics heart makes a jump for joy at the sight of such cars, because you still can screw a lot by yourselve and still without a notebook.
Where the modern "crab" must stop for forced break at the roadside because the ABS lamp is lit or the on-board computer is down, our cars are driving on with confidence.
However, one fine day it happened that our vehicle did not start. A pensioner, an old master mechanic, turned some screws here and there, but he did not get the car up and running again. So I decided to take a close look at the engine control unit by myself. Under closer inspection, there were hundreds of cold solder joints, as well as a number of defective transistors, resistors and other non-working components.

That's why I built my own testing unit including a speed controller and motor wiring harness, which simulates the vehicle. Now I was able to fix my own control unit!


Oldtimer-Steuergeräte - Peter Hemmersbach repariert defekte D-Jetronik Steuergeräte
Peter Hemmersbach repairs defective D-Jetronic control units in his workshop.
Oldtimer-Steuergeräte - alter Mercedes
For about 20 years I dreamed of an old Mercedes. Who was once taken for a ride in these cars and has sniffed the unmistakable smell, will understand my passion or he has absolutely no respect for old things ...
Oldtimer-Steuergeräte - gepflegte Oldtimer sind auch heute zuverlässige Fahrzeuge
A classic car can even today be a very reliable vehicle. It is important to take good care of the technique and to have a little interest in the topic.


We repair D-jetronik control units
also lucas ecu´s, ignition control modules and fuel pump relays from your Vintage Car.


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